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  • Chiara Banfi
    Fiume 6 da série Achates, 2015
    Agata, papel pautado e freijó
    Ed. única
  • Lia Cahia
    Faces, 2016
    Video - full hd, colo y sonido, 16.9

After 15 years has established itself as one of the main spaces for contemporary art in Brazil. Vermelho encourages new ideas and art production by emerging and established artists. In 10.000 square feet, Vermelho host two main exhibition rooms, one feature film/video room with 30 seats, one sculpture / installation terrace, Tijuana (artist book publisher), and a multi-task gallery facade that has served as support to over 50 works.

Vermelho represents a diverse cast of artists, such as Rosângela Rennó, Dias & Riedweg, Carmela Gross, sided with the new generation of artists like Iván Argote, Marcelo Cidade, André Komatsu and Jonathas de Andrade.

Director Eduardo Brandão / Eliana Finkelstein