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Totoral Lab

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  • Cristian Velasco y Mr.trafixxx
    Conversar con la montaña
  • Cristian Velasco y Mr.trafixxx
  • Mr.trafixxx
    Roca Negra de la cordillera de los andes sobre acuarela, Objeto

This gallery´s main interest is in landscape. Situated in a forest in the central coast of Chile, between Algarrobo and Totoral, they develop site specific projects and land art, offering a programme of exhibitions, art residencies and cultural events that engage local and international artists. The gallery gives space to develop the work in contact with nature: 5.000 m2 have been housing of instalations, open air excursion, sculpture and performances. From their beginnings, they have been interested in researching new art forms, focusing the processes on experimentation and cross-disciplinary projects.



Cristián Velasco / Javiera da Fonseca / Michael Edwards / Mono Lira / Mr. Trafixxx / Rolando Cisternas