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Tokio Galería

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  • Alexander Neumann
    San Pedro 2, 2017
    Impresión por inyección sobre papel Luster
    110 x 129 cm
  • Emilio Vargas,
    The new Huaca,2017
    Serie de 4 piezas
    Óleo sobre acero
    medidas variables

Tokio Galería was born by the end of the year 2016 as a virtual platform. Not until April of the next year, Tokio takes action through a series of events related to exhibitions, residences, recitals, discussion tables, and other formats that have a thing in common: they bring people together in a shared space. The name was taken from ‘Tokyo Doesn’t Love Us Anymore, Ray Loriega’s second novel that tells the story of a fellow who roams the globe selling a miracle substance that erases bad memories

Director Daniella Rangel

Francés Muna Aparicio / Alexander Neumann / Emilio Vargas Vera