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Sagrada Mercancía

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  • Santiago Cancino
    FOSA (PIEZA Nº 3), 2017
    Fierro Torneado
    13 X 58 X 7.6 CM
  • Jessica Briceño
    COPAS (2), 2009
    Concreto Armado
    25 X 15 X 15 CM
  • Sofía de Grenade S/T ,2017
    Dimensiones variables

Sagrada Mercancía is an autonomous and self managed collective formed in 2010. Their objective is to set a critic space for aesthetic reflection that promotes production, exhibition and inscription of independent artworks and create a field of power in a spatial and temporal space, carrying a process of contextual and authorial insertion of new visual proposals. Since 2014 they work in a garage located in downtown Santiago.

Director Adolfo Bimer / César Vargas / Santiago Cancino / Víctor Flores

Adolfo Bimer / Adolfo Martínez / Jessica Briceño / Matías Solar / Santiago Cancino / Sofía de Grenade / Víctor Flores