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Rubber Stamp Art Projects

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  • Isabel Brinck
    Flabbergasted, 2017
    Tecnica mixta sobre tela
    208 x 182 cm
  • Laura Villarreal
    Hope Always, 2017
    Acrilico y grafito sobre tela
    127 x 228 cm
  • Laura Villarreal
    I believe, 2017
    Tela, hilo y serigrafia sobre papel
    36 x 30 cm
  • Isabel Brinck
    Nice try, 2017
    Tecnica mixta sobre tela
    173 x 147 cm
  • Babette Herschberger
    Philco, 2016
    Tecnica mixta sobre tela
    60 x 60 cm
  • Sebastian Gross Ossa
    Place to Live, 2017
    Oleo sobre tela
    116 x 190 cm

Rubber Stamp is dedicated to promote the work of emerging and mid career artists in the city of Miami and the United States. Its 1,300sq ft exhibition space in the upcoming Allapattah district in Miami is dedicated to providing contemporary visual artists the possibility of getting exposure in this vibrant city. Rubber Stamp is led by visual artists Laura Villarreal (Mexico) and Isabel Brinck (Chile). In addition to artist representation, Rubber Stamp also provides a setting for educational projects and various initiatives that contribute to the inflow of art into the local art scene.

Director Laura Villarreal / Isabel Brinck

Anja Marais / Babette Herschberger / Isabel Brinck / Kerry Phillips / Laura Villarreal / Sebastian Gross / Tina Salvessen