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  • Constanza Giuliani
    Selfie (Serie Duermo Mal), 2017
    27 x 127cm
  • Constanza Giuliani Villa Cloaca (de la serie Qué te pasa ya se que estás solx),2017 Aerografía sobre papel
    64 x 80 cm
  • Santiago Gasquet
    La espacialidad del terror o autorretrato con cabeza aplastada, 2015
    Grafito sobre papel
    80 x 80 cm
  • Santiago Gasquet Sin título, de la serie Calaveras,2017 Acrílico sobre tela 40 x 40cm
  • Teresa Giarcovich
 Cuatro retratos sobre Raquel Forner, 2017

    Textiles sintéticos unidos por costura manual
    120 x 190 x 07 cm
  • Teresa Giarcovich
    Retrato verde, 2016
    Textiles sintéticos unidos por costura manual
    160 x 120 x 07cm

Piedras is an artist-run gallery established by Rafael Beltrán and Santiago Gasquet in 2014. The gallery opened in San Telmo, Buenos Aires, as a testing space for experimental art shows. During 201, the project moved to a new space on the 4th floor of a historic building, designed by architect Mario Palanti. The gallery specializes in work by emerging and mid-career artists experimenting with interdisciplinary practices. Consciously working with a small number of artists, we are able to closely collaborate with the creators and present work using a variety of media and approaches. Aside from exhibitions, Piedras works as a dialogue and exchange channel, working together with different initiatives by managing workshops, art fairs, parties and residencies.

Director Rafael Beltrán / Santiago Gasquet
Beto Álvarez / Constanza Giuliani / Estrella Estévez / Guido Yannitto / Mónica Heller / Santiago Gasquet / Teresa Giarcovich