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  • Edwards Estay
    Pintura acrílica, látex y barniz sobre tela
    123,5 x 119,5 cm
  • María José Rojas
    Jardín interior, 2016
    Caja de luz y objetos
    5 módulos de 80 x 6 x4 cms
  • Javier Mansilla
    Techno future dream
    Acrílico sobre lino
    100 x 90 cm

Panam Gallery is an independent artist-run space dedicated to the promotion of visual arts as an alternative space in downtown Santiago, Chile. Created and directed by artist and exhibition manager, Ana Sanhueza, its mission is to promote the work of contemporary artists, active in our local art scene; to consolidate a space for art practices prioritizing the artistic value and coherence of the exhibit over its commercialization and to implement infrastructure that offers opportunities to a strong and flourishing art community.


Director Ana Sanhueza
Alejandra Araya / Ángela Castillo / Arturo Miranda / Claudio Muñoz Oyarce / Edwards Estay / Enrique Flores / Ivo Vidal / Javier Mansilla / Marcela Fuentealba / María José Rojas / María Paz García / Mario Z / Melania Lynch / Pamela Alvarado Álvarez / Robinson Carrasco