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  • Jorge Dáger
    Barbra Streisand, 2017
    Carboncillo sobre cartulina
    58 x 100cm
  • Niels Reyes
    Big Brother III, 2016
    Óleo sobre lienzo
    200cm diámetro
  • William Acosta
    Biography Nº3, 2017
    Óleo sobre lienzo
    60 x 45cm
  • Jorge Otero
    Lazo Sencillo, 2017
    Fotografía tejida a mano
    80 x 73cm

Based in Panama City, NG Art Gallery is the definitive venue for contemporary Cuban art. Ever since its inception, the gallery’s goal has been to work closely with emerging Cuban artists, while still plugging the works of well-known, influential artists in the Cuban visual arts realm. With the certainty of ensuring the success of our artists, NG has set the clear goal of contributing to the history of Cuban art, and to do so by relying on its immediate, prominent future.

Director Nivaldo Carbonell

Adrián Fernández / Gerardo Liranza / Jorge Otero / Jorge Dáger / José Luiz Bermúdez / Kmilo Morales / Lancelot Alonso / Lisandra Ramírez / Manuel Mendive / Moisés Finalé / Niels Reyes / Rafael Villares / Rigoberto Mena / Roberto Fabelo / William Acosta