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Metales pesados visual

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  • Camila Ramírez
    tela PVC termosellada y turbina de aire interior, 350x150x120 cms
  • Camila Ramírez
    Martillo comunitario,
    madera y fierro
    66x66x05 cms
  • Andrés Bedoya
    Sin titulo, 2016
    Mesa, platanos
    118cm x 75cm x 80cm
  • Andres Bedoya
    Sín Título, 2012
    Papel, lapis de color
    21.6 × 27.9
  • Andrés Bedoya
    Vestimenta I (Ropa para fantasmas), 2017
    Lata, alambre, lona.
    60cm x 150cm x 55cm aproximadamente

Metales pesados visual is a work spreading spot of Chilean and Latinamerican artists oriented to arts development in the national and international scene. It’s mission is to support and promote visual arts as well as to contribute to the discussion about the current chilean art. It’s aim is to bring closer a wider audience and to grow stronger as a region scene model. Also, one of the gallery’s fundamental purposes is to encourage a new contemporary art scenario, supporting new artists working on current issues and giving rise to a place for artistic, critic and social reflection based on various topics.

Director Paula Barría / Sergio Parra

Andrés Bedoya / Camila Ramírez Gajardo