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La Sala

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  • Félix Lazo
    Autopoietic System unique Print 03, 2016
    Epson High Quality inkjet print. Papel: Hahnemühle William Turner 310 gms. Edición de 5 copias
    91 cm x 51 cm.
  • Gonzalo Sánchez (PIKTI)
    Cordillera, 2015
    Papel vegetal y piedra de cordillera molida
    120 x 30 cm
  •  Paula Lynch
    Discernimiento, 2016
    Pastel y lápiz
    130 x 180 cm
  • Juan Luis Dörr
    Cachapoal, 2017
    Escultura en granito
    95 x 40 cm

La Sala Art Gallery was born in 1998 as an innovative project which respond to the growing interest of young and old people approaching to the visual arts, becoming a place of cultural movement and accessible art to mass audiences. Dedicated to contemporary art, it is open to various artistic expressions, whose contribution is to discover and make space for emerging talent and showcase the work of established artists, both nationally and internationally.
It also organize important artistic and cultural projects in Chile and abroad, promoting local artists and their work as a contribution to the internationalization of the national artistic medium.

Director Alejandra Chellew

Carlos Llosa / Francisca del Río / Gonzalo Sánchez / Juan Luis Dörr / Paula Lynch / Santiago García / Sebastián Cobo