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Die Ecke

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  • Basco Vazko Serie: Post-The New York Post, 2016 Acuarela,acrílico, collage,grafito y esmalte sobre papel de diario (New York Post)
    30x28 cm
  • Felipe Mujica Japanese Opticaland Geometrical Art, 2017
    Silkscreen print on paper102 x66cm
  • Grace Weinrib
    Una cosita pal camino, 2014-2016
    Pintura acrílica, aluminio y plumón20 piezas de 12 x7x3cm c/u Plinto 110 x 120 x 85 cm
  • Ignacio Gatica
    Black Mastercard, 2017
    Cemento con bajo relieves
    10x80x52 cm

Distinct idea of how a Latin American gallery should operate, linking a commercial aim to an ideological vision. Founder and director Paul Birke states that he aspires to support artistic production in Chile and preserve the countrys cultural heritage by encouraging private and institutional collectorship. Although Die Ecke focuses on marketing and supporting its artists, providing a platform for collaboration and discourse is also one of the main goals of the gallery. In March 2005 the space was officially inaugurated with the group show Die Ecke March 2005.

Director Paul Birke

Alejandra Prieto / Catalina Bauer / Felipe Mujica / Grace Weinrib / Ignacio Gatica / Johanna Unzueta / Julen Birke / Leonardo Portus / Marcela Moraga / Mario Navarro