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Buenos Aires Fine Arts

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  • Dalmiro Sirabo
    Sin título, 2017 Acrilico sobre tela 40cms x 40cms
  • Dalmiro Sirabo yellow shine, 2016
    Acrilico sobre tela 70cms x 50cms
  • Manuel Rubin DRILO, 2015
    Acrilico sobre tela 50cms x 50cms
  • Luis Tomasello
    Objet Plastique no. 884, 2010
    Relieve múltiple edición 50 ejemplares no. 22
    42.5 x 45.5 x 4 cms

Buenos Aires Fine Arts began as a virtual gallery and has been working since 2011 in a stately building in the neighborhood of Belgrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. With national and international presence, it seeks to promote from emerging artists to great masters of art in Argentina, Latin America and the world.

Director Dr. Diego Schavelzon / Martín Schavelzon

Manuel Rubin / Dalmiro Sirabo / Cristina Santander / Claudio Vega
 / Luis Tomasello / César López Osornio