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Big Sur

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  • Luis Hernandez Mellizo
    Artistas del mundo Uníos, 2017
    Martillos tallados
  • Denise Groesman
    Muros Blandos, 2017
    Lienzo, goma espuma, pintura acrílica e hilo sisa

  • Mariana Ferrari
    Sin Titulo
    Técnica mixta sobre madera
    0,20 x 0,28 m

Big Sur Books is a Latin American contemporary art publishing house located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, which has been putting out printed publications since 2011 together with artists, who also mount exhibitions in their gallery space or with whom they reach an agreement for the production of the material. BSB selects pieces, edits, generates contents and decides on format and materials with the artist’s consensus, as a result of both parties’ interest in producing the publication, whether these are fanzines, posters, short print runs of special editions or original artist books.

Director Álvaro Cifuentes / Victor López

Denise Groesman / Luis Hernandez Mellizo / Mariana Ferrari