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AFA —Art for Art— is a commercial space, a publisher, and an office for artistic projects. More that just an exhibition space, this gallery stands as a driving force for contemporary art and a true alternative to the rigidity of the market, which is why, working along with the artists, it seeks to facilitate an association between projects and strategies related to the artwork and to each party’s particular interests. With the conviction that no effort is made in vain when it comes to visual arts management, the space esteems the productive chain that leads the gallery to become a mediator, conscious of the continuous flow of actions explored by society’s expectations, so that an artist can keep moving.

Director Irene Abujatum / Elodie Fulton

Claudio Correa / Daniel Santiago Salguero / Francisca Sánchez / Francisco Uzabeaga / Ignacio Gumucio / Joaquín Cociña / Juan Pablo Langlois / Martín Parr / Adrián Fisher & Luna Montenegro / Nicolás Franco / Pablo Langlois Prado / Paz Errázuriz / Philippe Gruenberg / Pilar Quinteros / Rodrigo Arteaga